Monday, December 31, 2012

The critters...not welcome

Well, it was a shocker this morning, when the pest control people got here and opened the door I was too afraid to open. All of the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen are now hunting grounds. Equiped with poison, peanut butter bait and snap traps.
So when the cabinet was opened it was full of DEAD CHIPMUNKS! Yup you read that right, chipmunks.
I have an infestation of chipmunks, or a "nest" as the pest control people call it, in the walls and between the floors. It's assumed that when the idiot contractor put up the dormer on the side of the house, and he left it open to the outside elements for 3+ days in a row, the little darlings decided that was their opportunity for a snuggly warm place to live for the winter so in they came.
The dormer was sealed up (I think) and they were sealed in. My kitchen was the entry to the rest of the house, where there is a water shut off in the back of a cabinet, so they popped off the door and decided to have free run of my kitchen.

This is not how I planned to spend my New years holiday, but it could be worse everyone says, it could have been rats. And thats what we thought it was, but nope, just viiolent mutant chipmunks. Fat and huge they were! I have never seen one up close really, but these were as big as squirrels!

So they took the little furry bodies away, and reset the traps. 11 of them. So I am assuming in about 30 minutes, the rest of them will start down the wall to the kitchen and the traps will start going off. We will see. It was a nightmare last night listening to them. OMG.

So wish me luck. And have a wonderful and lovely New years eve! 

I hope 2013 starts a rodent free zone. hahahahha

ps. I have photos of the slaughter, but wont show them here. Use your imagination.


Betsy said...

I am glad you got rid of them. I had some in a hole down along side of my garage and I saw them running in it. I stuffed brillo pad and irish spring soap in there, took care of them. They are horrible critters to contend with. They are cute in their habitat but when they start fooling around in mine, thats a different story.
Glad it's quiet

Holly said...

I dealt with lots of mice until getting a cat but chipmunks, never. Glad you are rid of them at last. Hope they didn't do too much damage.