Friday, July 12, 2013

Wake up call of sorts

I had a conversation with a new collegue a few minutes ago and he asked me if I had a blog. I said, "Oh yes I have one, I have had one for a while, but I have not had time or mental energy to post to it much." He was visibly dissappointed in my responce. I could see it.

He is a photographer and social media expert. Super nice personality, kind and a generally happy person. The type of person who has a conversation with you and sees all the good in the words being exchanged. One of those people.

The reason we were even talking this morning is because I overheard him in the hall talking to someone about the Epi app. Its an app created by the cooking and recipe website Epicurious to put on your tablet or iPhone and you can put in the ingredients you have and it will look for recipes for you using those things. I loved that idea and I went to ask about it and the conversatioin began.

He is one of those people who are like the V-8 commercials where someone smacks you in the head and makes you wake up and look around yourself. Stop being in a fog. Let your own natural clarity open your eyes to all the things that you feel passiponate about and get busy using your gifts. See, I think we get so bogged down by daily life, the hard things, the frustrated times, that we forget we have amazing gifts. Gifts and talents we have cultivated, and Gifts that God has given us. Its easy to forget those things when the daily grind does what it does -- g r i n d you down.

He not only made my day, but he made me realize I have a voice that is not being heard. This tiny blog, though filled with cob webs and huge gaps of emptiness of late, is one of the places where my tiny voice can rise up and be a good thing once again. Inspiration for some, a "smile" maker for others and a commiserate place to let like dorks go "omg I did that too, what a dork"

So I shall make it a goal to sit and write again......


Has someone helped you lately? Do you find it hard to stay in that "passionate" place?