Friday, August 07, 2009


All experiences of life seems to prove that the impediments thrown in the way of the human advancement may for the most part be overcome by steady good conduct, honest zeal, activity, perseverance and above all, by a determined resolution to surmount. ~ Samuel Smiles

Impediments. Stones in the road. Bumps and stumbles that make a smooth road the only thing I can think of. Well I should say that's not entirely accurate. My thoughts don't always look forward to the smooth pavement ahead, instead the size and shape and position of those damn stones is what clouds my mind and distorts my judgment.

Time spent looking at them may not be the issue, but giving them value and weighing their strength is the problem you see. The moment I line them up and call them problems they become stones in the road. I have the power to let them be inanimate objects or give them life. Well my little glittery magic wand doesn't always work so well.
(What a nice visual that is.......walking along, zapping those rocks with my magic wand, clearing my own path.)

There is strength in perseverance. Its powerful MOJO. Instead of pulling myself along, lifting one leg at a time, I need to pick up my feet and push out my leg, stepping OVER the impediments. Its not making the stones disappear that is the answer, its how you deal with them that either gives you strength or sucks it out of you. ~ p.hawkins

And watch out for those stones...oh and picking them up and putting them in your pocket is not the answer some point they will fill all your pockets, especially your back ones and make your butt look drop em and leave them behind!

Have a good weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

or skip those stones across the pond and enjoy the ripples and fun of the event. always look towards your desires and not toward your fears. Mad Max

Pamela said...

Oh Max.......what a lovely thing to say.
I will enjoy these words for a long time.

Thank you so much!