Friday, February 25, 2011

My first red bird

I saw my first Cardinal yesterday. I have waited and hoped on that one since I have been here in the east.

I had just drove into the driveway, parked and got out...and what caught my attention was the song. What I heard when I got out of the car was heavenly! I cant describe it but it was so beautiful to listen to.

I looked up to find where the sound was coming from, and high up in a dead old tall tree was this bright spot of red.

My first Cardinal!

Now that the snow is melting a little, I will be able to get to the bird feeder and fill it more and even put another one out maybe. The birds have finally found it so now to give them more to eat will be fun.

I am still sick.........this particular flu has had me down for a whole week. Wow how incapacitated a germ can make you.......its incredible.
I mean its 4 am. I am up writing this while I drink some Earl Grey Green tea and guzzle Robitussin. hahahah

Have a great Friday everyone!