Monday, September 26, 2011

The cart before the horse i dont have!

Yeah, the subject line is right. I bought the cart and the harness adn even teh snacks for teh travel before I had a horse to take me there. 
Let me explain. I use photo shop 6. I use it at home and I use it for work. I use it to do all the production, filing and sorting for all the pictures I take and all the post work as well. Yes for all the things that go into the magazine too. Have been using it since I taught myself how to about 4 years ago.

I have a camera that is a Canon Mark 11. I am not able to shoot in the highest resolution/raw because I don't have photo shop bigger than 6 so I have to shoot in the highest jpeg format I can. Yes I am doing this for the magazine pages.
The cog in the wheel is, my computer doesn't have a processor big enough to use a photo shop version higher than that.  

So the other day, I have the wonderful opportunity to purchase photo shop CS4 from someone. Not at full price, but at a reduced cost that I am paying off in payments. I have about $60 to go. I will pay more on it tomorrow. And just like the camera, I still dont have a computer that can support it! (yes I tried) However, since I dont see how in the world I could pay full price for photoshop cs4 in my life, I still need this.

Now let me introduce Creative Live!

I got hooked on it by accident a while back. Not sure how long. And they are in Seattle Washington. They do these online classes for photographers and video people. That is a portion of the classes as they are vast to be sure. At first I saw the classes adn didnt get it.
It didnt take long to see the potential. While they are taping the class, with a small student/audience on the set, the consumer (me) can go online to the website and watch the taping LIVE for FREE!  Yup you heard it, free. When I first discovered this, I watched or listened to all I could while I was working, even if it didnt pertain to the work I did. It was just so informative and cool! To hear all of these famous people with ooooodles of talent, doing what I am doing by accident, and its free.
While they are taping the course can be purchased for a reduced price, but after its taped and processed then it is full price.

So they had Lesa Snyder on this past week.
Photoshop CS5 Intensive with Lesa Snider

OMG I didnt listen to but a hour or so and realized it was exactly what I needed! Although she was doing CS5, she kept indicating if that same process could be done in versions 3 or 4 and so much of it was in 4 I just had to purchase it. So yes, I paid $79.00 for the course. I am still downloading it to my machine too. It was 4 days long!!!!!!  And I have already learned so much.

However.........yeah laugh..........I do not have a computer that I can put my CS4 on, so I can practice the course. Lordy.

Its ok though.......I will figure out how to get a computer that can handle it. I will. I will. Dangit I will.

Sometimes things just work out backwards for a reason. Not sure what that darn reason is but I am sure its good!

Have a great day all!

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