Monday, February 20, 2012

NEW JOY in New Jersey?

Yes I know its been a while since I posted. Last fall to be more exact? Well its not been the most lovely of times for me. But stiff upper lip and all that stuff I have gotten through it.

I want to share a new phase of life for me and Pearlie. This might be my next place! Yes this little blue cottage at the top of that driveway! The landlord seems to be a doll! And its a dead end road, biking friendly, enough room, big kitchen and privacy and quiet. Sounds nice huh! Oh and bonus......that garage door opens and it will be my new STUDIO! Oh yeah.
I even think there are lilac bushes on the property. What a delight that would be huh!

So please say a prayer or two that all works out. So far its promising and proceeding beautifully!


ps. the rats are almost gone here in the bungalow from hell.


Ruth Trowbridge said...

been thinking of you quite a bit lately - sending prayers for dreams to come true - peace

Soulful Thoughts84 said...

It's simple and lovely. I wish you the best. Sometimes tranquility is all one needs and that cottage screams tranquility in every since of the word.

Pamela said... is coming together nicely. Its old and it is a conversion, so it has its quirks in that way, but all in all its got GREAT potential!