Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wire oh Wire...

I have always been fascinated with wire since I made my very first pair of earrings back in Southern California. It was at a little bead store in Clairmont. College area.
My then boss Nancy said you could go to this bead store and put beads on a piece of wire and they made earrings for you. So I surely was wanting in on that!

We get there and the wire was called a head pin. A straight piece of wire with one flat end. You stacked beads on it and the helper girl would add a loop at top and then you added an ear wire and wala you were done and ready to wear! 

I think I made about 5 bead stacks. (5 pairs of earrings). Nancy however, being the uber critical type was never able to make one decision on a stack of beads. Yes, she litterally walked out with nothing to show for all that time. I felt so bad for her. Did I settle? did I just make stuff to make it and not over scrutinize my selections? Yes I thought that for about 1 millisecond and then smiled knowing I had 5 pairs of way cool earrings.

That led to taking some classes and really getting hooked. Wire has always been there. No matter what I learned, new techniques, glass, fusing, or bead embroidery, wire was always the back up. And I loved it.

Today, I have been playing with raw wire. Bronze, Brass, Copper and Sterling. I have been practicing on the Brass and Copper and its been a slow go.

Here is my little set up. I have realized that I need a 3-4 inch piece of 14ga wire. I need to ball the ends and hammer the middle. Well my torch is not near hot enough for 14ga wire. Boo. So I am practicing on how to get something that looks similar to a ball end.
I have even gotten all my polishing and grinding disks out with my Dremel and have been able to adjust it somewhat.

So here is where I am. I am learning and it is moving along.

I shall keep you updated on my progress. Hopefully I dont melt things into a puddle. although if I do, I will just begin again.

Happy Creating!

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