Friday, September 28, 2007

Wow, I can not believe it has been this long since I had a chance, or desire to put a few notes here! I start out with the best intentions of keeping this up, and somehow 'life' interupts things and slows me down!

Ok so I am not usually the one to sit here and complain. It is not my nature at all. Just ask any of my friends. I am one of the happiest and most possative personalities that they know. Oh belive me I dont cultivate it or usually have to 'try' to be that way. It just naturally happens. (thank god) I love life. I love my job. (yes I truly do) and I love living.

But........every now and then, the blues seep into my own little corner. I got up this morning.......It was almost 7 am. I havent heard much from my honey. He is extreemely busy. And I am now at a different place with my work. I can actually take a shower in the morning if I want to and come in here to work looking like the hot chick I am ! (joking)

I rode bike every day this week. I got 11 miles in yesturday and at least 10 miles each of the other days. And today it is raining......I knew it was coming ............... the dam weather man said so. And riding yest afternoon with ocean fog all over and clouds overhead told me it was true. So I rode for all i was worth yesturday.

So the rain is here is friday..........I have to work this weekend, but it is ok..........lots of those domestic things like ironing! hahahahah

But no friends to go see, no bbq's to attend, no bowling buddies to get strikes with, and no bf around. I hope all of you have some sunshine in your corner..........I need to chase the blues out of mine!!!!!!!!So what are all of you doing today and this weekend? Maybe I need to smile for everyone else today!!!Have a great day all!

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