Friday, June 15, 2007

You all know those kind of laughs that start out small, a giggle or two. Then they progress to some out and out laughter. Then the loud laughing that gathers attention if you are in earshot of anyone. And then.....the laughing is just one continuous roll -- followed by uncontrollable gut wrenching howling and your eyes are tearing up ~ your cheeks hurt from smiling so big ~ your gut hurts ~ and your crossing your legs hard because your about to wet your pants!!!!

Well, I talked to my sister today, and we had one of those laughing moments! My gut still hurts from lauging so hard! You know......banging your hand on the table as you belt out the screams of joy kind of laughter! hahaha

The story goes: She is testing out a new car........and all the things her old car used to do, are not what the new car does. Now my sister is pretty practical and fairly mechanical.....but in this case, she got the dork award. The control to move the seat forward and the rear view mirrors were her challange and it was soooooooo funny to listen to her. And when she got to the end of her rope, trying to figure out how to adjust the mirrors, my sister... who never swears too much said, "I am a 40 year old, grown woman with a college degree.......I should be able to find the @#%&@* Mirror adjustmants on this dam thing!", well I lost it right then and there and I laughed and laughed.

And my other sister in NY, well, it is another laugh fest as well. I miss them! I so miss being around family. So to all of you who have family around.......especially the ones that can make you smile, bring a spot of sunshine in your life, or just enhance you in any way..........I envy you.
And to the rest of you who dont, and they live far away or you just dont see them them!

I had the best laugh I have had in a long time. Boy that feels good!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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