Saturday, May 19, 2007

I sit here in my jammies and fuzzy slippers on this lazy Saturday morning, (well it is actually afternoon now!) and gaze out the window. The horizontal lines of the white blinds seem to perfectly seperate my view in little tiny compartments. Like pieces of a visual puzzle. Blinds remind me of antique houses and grandmothers windows. Utilitarian decorating? Don't know, but it is familiar to my eyes. You know a house is just not a house if there isnt at least one mini blind someplace.

I am knee deep in magazine, Fall issue #14, projects to get in. So I am going to get some breakfast and dive into it all. OH and I taped the Alien-vs-Preditor movie a few days ago and I am going to put that in, and play it all day and nite! Love that one. Creepy!!
The image is of Clam Beach a few days ago.........Have a great Weekend all!
Pamela~AKA-Queen Dork

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