Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday...

Sunday April 8, 2007--It is a beautiful day in the North Coast of California. I have sat in bed and sipped my capuccino and snuggled with Sissy dog and enjoyed the morning.

Sissy Cat news--Sissy cat has a new home! Yes she has a new home. I have struggled with the notion of finding Sissy Cat another home besides myself over and over again. But knowing it was my job to take care of her, I never went beyond letting her go anyplace. this past year, Mark, the guy who used to help take care of Mom before I got here, has been house and cat sitting for me. Him and Doris, his mom, both helped Mom. So mark has helped me with things here and there, including house sitting. So before my last trip, I had really, for the first time, thought about how much Mark has grown to Love Sissy. He just stays here 24/7 while I am gone and pampers her to no end. So I thought, about asking him if he might want to see if he and Doris wanted to adopt her. I dont know why I never thought of it before. What a perfect match.
Well to make a long story short...............he took her over for an 'introductory' meeting of his indor/outdoor cat and they actually hissed but didnt fight. So he kept her at his house for that whole week I traveled, and she now has a PERFECT new home. She is now doing things at Mark & Doris's that she never did her. She is now in a CAT house and is so loving it. I know Mom would be happy. (it was very hard to come home to a completely empty house though)

Everyone have a wonderful Easter! Eat lots of chocolate and lots of PEEPS! (this is the first year in a very long time, that I have not had a peep to eat!)

Love and blessings!


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