Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Honey I'm home...

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Hi everyone!

Well I am finally home. It was a long trip, or it seemed like a long one for sure. I LOVE to drive and I was so looking forward to this trip being as delightful as my last CHA/Tucson trip, but it seemed as if every stretch of driving was a rush to get to the destination. And then run run run.

However, the trip had its good and bad. I made some of the best connections I have ever made at both shows. The shows attendence was down, as was expected, yet my work seemed to be EXcellent!
I had a larger ontorage` this time. Which made for quite a spectical now and then. But all in all it worked out beautifully.

The very last night was the fabulous SWAROVSKI PARTY! It was the most incredible one I have ever attended. I was pulled from one person to the next and on it went like that all night. A few glasses of wine adn many connections and lots of laughter.
Picured here is myself, Laura Timmons (one of the new Swarovski Embassadors and our very own BU columnists) and Joanna Feller, my managing Editor. We had a great time!

So I amhome now....back at it......and going 100 mph again! I shall upload a ton of pics from the show in the next few days.

(I am wishing there was a voice in my house to say hello to when I get home.......I am so missing that)

p. hawkins

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