Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lite speed

There are days when the speed-of-light is relative only to “lite” speed. Lite as in feather lite I mean.

Today is one of those days. I just stopped a moment ago, and realized its quitting time in NJ for my staff and only 2 pm here. Not only was it quitting time, it was 10 min after their quitting time and I was rambling about a project.
When I happen to look at the clock I was actually taken aback at the time! Last time I remember it was 11 am. No kidding!

Now I am sure I didn’t just blink it away, or some sort of Alzheimers thing is happening, (at least not yet?) because I know I have touched many many projects, emails and phone calls since early this morning. And I mean a LOT of projects and tasks. Its been a very productive day so far!

My only reaction to it was “wow, that means I have a lot of day left if I thought it was 11 am!” Yes the days activities were fast and furious, yet they seemed to fly by at lite speed. Effortless. A not so heavy version of a very big day.

OH yeah baby, give me all the “lite” days I can stand...I like em.

(ps. I know I have been quite a slacker on my postings...but i have had to let myself catch up with life...its been running way too fast in front of me!)


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