Friday, January 08, 2010


There are times in life where the unexpected happens. Granted I love my "habits" and my comfort zones consisting of favorite spoons, morning rituals and work habits, but when the spontanious infusion of love happens, well its just heaven.

Such was the case when I got 3 boxes in the mail. One was from Sue and Julie, one was from Nancy and Jak and one was from my friends at Tierra Cast. (well Alan was the instigator I am told) We had talked about how I love beer and about how I am learning to get past the "sock taste" of the IPA's and brewery type beers. I guess Alan really listened!
Not to mention that everyone there that I know signed this cute card as well. How sweet is that I tell ya.

To my delight each box was brimming with love and care. Now if you know me at all, you know I get passionate about things, and BEER is one of them.

So the last box was full of...........yes BEER-BEER-BEER!!!!

Now I have already consumed a few of htem, I mean come on I had to! A few of them were sorta Christmasy? (well it had red on it and xmas stuff so I drank it!) And it was yummy too.

The one in the middle is so way cool! Lagunitas! I love the label and the alcohol content is HUGE! So I am looking forward to drinking that bad boy! I will give a full report when I do.

In fact I think I will go put them in the frig right this minute!!!! I love my beer super cold!



Ruralrose said...

well i dropped by to let you know you are a sweetie and i see this now . . . i can see why you were a little fresh, lol - i am well am surprised you thought of me i see how busy you are on here, thanks for the shout out and best of the season to you as well - i am not a beer girl, although my dh bottles his own brew - i just bottled my concord grape wine from 2005 harvest, well everyone who has tried it says it is more like brandy at 80 proof, 30 litres of the stuff!! peace

Ruralrose said...

Hey Pam - you are the perfect person to ask my question of the day - What is a fair commission percentage to pay someone who sells your jewellery to retail stores? peace

Pamela said...

Hi there,

Thanks for catching me up!

As for a fair commission, that is a hard one. It is like asking how much to price your pieces.

Its relative to your needs and to the brokers experience and connections and success.

It can also be based on a time frame. If it gets sold fast they get full percentage, if it sits for a while they get less.

And it depends on where the store location is? If its a high end store, you might pay more commission, if its not, you can get away with less.

However, that being said, I would not pay more than 20%.

did that help????