Thursday, March 25, 2010

Puppy fencing ideas in progress

Well, I know the puppy Mama "Maggie", has been with the puppy Daddy "Ace", but have no idea if there is a Poodle bump or not. I am still waiting to hear. (sounds like a biker couple don't they!) hahahah

Oh and the Mommie "Maggie", she is a white, toy poodle. Dad "Ace" is the same. ( have a cell phone pic of Maggie someplace......I will find it and post it)

But in the meantime, puppy fencing and gates are now being created in my mind and I took some pics, as you see here, and have been drawing out where the need is to have an "inescapable" back yard for my baby.

I am also right next to a main street. To the right of those big green bushes, its a regular street. Yikolas.

I am sooooooo ready for a baby!

OH and a puppy shower will happen in Milwaukee at the B&B show. How fun is that I tell ya.


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