Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday morning..........

Good Morning all!

Well since I dont have my MLB.COM anymore, I cant watch the I am not a happy girl! Oh well, there is SC at night I guess. *pouting*

Well, it is about 9:30 biking/beach walking day off! And my first saturday off in AGES? hahah

So here is the agenda: (oh and not nessisarily in this order or I might change my mind or hm whatever!!!)

1. Shower
2. More coffee
3. Bead
4. Pull a few more weeds and make room for plants in baby garden
5. Dismantle the TAX TABLE!!! (yahooo)
6. Make breakfast.....hmmm might do that sooner then later
7. Give Sissy a bath
8. Do nothing! ......i like this item!

Oh and news...........I added a photo album here so you will have to tell me if it is working........or if the shots look like crap or whatever.
I willl also try to add photos of moms new sweet peas!

So have a wonderful day everyone.

Hugs and CHICKEN kisses!

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