Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good Morning Everyone!

I am now and then reminded of past unpleasant memories by someone else usually.
In conversations about former companions or past jobs, it is not unusual to recollect how awful that situation was or what happened. However, it is not usually me remembering it. It is the person I am having the conversation with.

For some reason I CHOOSE to remember the GOOD STUFF and let go of the other. I dont do it intentionally, but it happens. It is me.

I am glad I am built that way.

I always look at Today and all the tomorrows as if it is a box layed at my feet every morning. A GIFT!
  • Each day is tied in a ribbon of color. Alive and vibrant.
  • Each box has a tag. It has only one name on it. Pam
  • Inside is a brand new day, a new start, a chance to have a PROMISE and.....all I have to do is ...


I wake up with those thoughts running through me.....and it makes me think about who I am...and smile!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!!


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