Sunday, June 01, 2008

Here I go again!

Well, here I go AGAIN............

You know I hate to pack! I really do. The gathering, the laundry, the filling little containers with is all so tedious.

But when it is all said and done......when the last little bit goes in and I am standing there looking at the bed, suitcases packed and organized and just waiting for me to ZIP EM is pretty cool.

Most of you know about the tatoo on my forehead....the one that says "organized clutter person" getting packed for a week trip usually takes me about 5-6 hours.........YES I KNOW....but it does. Shorter sometimes if I have had a little time to keep my life in order. But with the deadlines this past few weeks, everything has taken a back seat so sorting through things is time my big soft queen size bead is COVERED in travel gear!

I leave out of here at the crack of ugly, about 4 am on Monday morning for Milwaukee!


I plan on having more than a few Reds and Berry Wise and taste as many other new ones I can find! There is a Brew pub place downtown I love to go to....cant remember it, but it is down the street from where the show is and I like it! they have a sampler of beer and last year there was a banana flavored..........EEEEEUUUUUUU it was gross, but the rest were ok.
I just can NOT do the sock beers. You know, the ones that smell like old socks? I cant do the hoppy stuff.........but i am getting better.

OH and I have to go to Kops.......I think that is the name of it. And there is a fab market that i get 10 yr old cheddar to bring home too!

*pam checks her list
plant the herbs
water the garden
dont forget the shampoo
and oh that new camera
and the RENTAL CAR......phew my head is spinning just thinking about it


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