Monday, June 01, 2009

Garlic chives

Hi all!
Well, the gardens are coming along just splendidly! I took a batch of pics last weekend, but have been swamped with magazine stuff to even show you guys.
Oh and I always have this grand plan to show you lots and that always seems like a lot of time so I better just get back to one thing at a time huh!

So look at how lovely my new Garlic Chives are doing! Oh and to share a personal thought, I DO HATE ONIONS! But I have come to love chives! Especially these. I shall grow a lot more of these in the future. I can see a pretty border of them in fact, cant you?

I am traveling this week, but I hope to get a few more up for you all. I should have internet service as I travel.

Have a great Monday!

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Ruralrose said...

You don't like onions? How do find food without them? Chives are garlic chives make an awesome boarder. They are one of the first things up in the spring and last to go down in fall. They also can resist grass so stay pretty weed free. I never water mine and we had summer drought for the past 3 years. Harvest them, if they haven't been sprayed with chemical, just before the flower blasts open. Hold all the stems in your hand and cut an inch from the ground. They will come up three times in a year. Glad to hear you are travelling, I know you like that so much. Make sure you flirt a little and have a good time. Safe journey . . .