Saturday, June 20, 2009

My first attempt at raised beds

Hi all!

Well, this is my first attempt at raised beds in my garden.
Once the magazine was officially SHIPPED to the printer, I got in the car and I drove 78 miles to not only get my first break away from the magazine, but to also take my Walmart and Home Depot list from the frig and go shopping!
Oh not to mention the sun was shining and the view was spectacular as usual!

So on my list was to see if I could get some raised bed lumber and more so some L shape metal corners for the wood. I figured if anyone had them, Home Depot would.

So here is my attempt at it!

Next year I plan to put in a lot more sugar beans. This is my first year for them and they are doing terrific!
I have a bunch more grass to get out aroudn the edges and a lot of dirt to put in. I want to ask a friend who might stop by today how to now add the dirt. Do I take out the little plants and add dirt and put them back? or just admire the raised bed for now and add dirt later? I know.......I know, i should have done this months ago.

This is on my list for get the grass and little weeds out of this little lovely spot by the back door. Remember when it was all just dirt?
I want to cut back all the herbs and band them to hand and dry. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to do this? I have never done it.

Yes Mom's sweet peas are doing fantastac!!! I learned that I need to cut as often as possible and bring indoors as it will promote more blossoms. And here I was afraid to cut any.

Mom's old coffee can is home to these beautiful pale blue blossoms. I was afraid since it doesn't have a drain hole that they would drown, despite my attempt to water carefully, but they love it there!

And here is the new birdfeeder. The old one was just to small and cheap. And allllllll the birdseed wound up on the ground. So now they have a perch and an easier way to sit and munch. Oh those little buggers still flip the seed out as if it was an afternoon activity to flip the seed on the ground while they search for that tiny perfect seed to munch on, but I love it.
I just hope they will suppliment the seed with any free bug lunches in the garden too!

I have a ton of new pics I just took so will put up a lot of those later.

Have a great weekend all, its cool and windy here today and I am hoping for some sun this afternoon.


Ruralrose said...

Hi there - you are a go getter aren't you now?

Just add the dirt in round them, make such it doesn't touch the stem. So the plants are in a little gully. You will always have to add more dirt. It compresses in the winter and the plants literally consume some of it to live. You can dig the plants out if you want, I wouldn't, but I generally don't do thing I don't have to, lol. If you add more that 2.5 inches you should dig them out, that would be too much weight on the roots. Also in the spring the higher the dirt the warmer the soil gets quicker for germination and the least shade for the the little seedlings (from the sides).

Now is the perfect time to cut down herbs. By the moon, until the 22nd. Cut them when they are dry. Lay them flat on newspaper in the shade. No direct sun and no heat. When they are dry the will still be a little flexible if you dry them properly. Cut the new growth off making sure to pinch off where the flower would come up especially with parsley and basil.

have fun, peace for all

Pamela said...

Ok I did more of the dirt thing in there and planted the acorn squash and two kinds of cuc's in the front.
I will add more composty soil later this week. I needed to get those babies in the ground though. thanks for the box advise. I am loving it!

Thanks for the herb advice. But is hanging them, which would be easier for me still ok to do?

Ruralrose said...

hey i just found this - excellent placement cukes like a little shade - hanging is great of course, cheerio