Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last few days....

Hi all!

I am finally back from traveling again, and from Milwaukee and the Bead and Button show. what a blast and what an incredible show.
If you have never been and EVER get the chance to go, it is worth its weight in gold to attend.

So have been busy with deadlines this past week, in a frenzy really, and yesterday I took the time to start tending to the garden. I so missed it while I was gone and I came home to only a few plant problems. No, nothing died, but a few suffered pretty bad. Over all everything sailed along.

So weeds and also putting in the plants that Sherri gifted me before I left. So here are a few updates!
I took about 50 pics so I shall give you just few now.
Have a great week everyone!

New Bird Feeder I got yesterday....trying hard to keep the seed in the bird feeder and not on the ground!!!!

Working on my rock path in the garden. Got a little more cement recycle stuff and a few pretty stones from back yard. Want to remove that old wood in front at some point and use a diff border like the brick or old stones.

The angle on this kinda sucks but you get the drift. hahahah

Gosh I so love the sage blossoms!

My first ever window box style porch planters. They are doing nicely I think? And I have never ever grown Begonias and they are a delight in here!

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Ruralrose said...

It must be heredity, you sure do have a green thumb! Looks great for being ignored for so long! Welcome back, peace