Thursday, April 16, 2009

How the plants are progressing

Hi all!
Well the plants are progressing nicely. However, I want them to grow big and fluffy and FAST! Yes an impatient gardener I am. I confess.
But......all are doing well and I am extremely happy that the sunflower and Cosmo seeds I planted outback are popping out of the ground oh so pretty like!
Take a look see.

Sweet peas coming up nicely and seeds from last years Morning Glories are sprouting all through out! (wonderful bonus) The terra pot of Mint is looking lovely! i have one mint plant that is pure white!

Sweet Pea seeds from moms plants.......are coming up nicely. This is such a great feeeling.

The beans are doing nicely! I hope they climb nice on my make shift trellis.

LOOK LOOK the sunflowers are coming!

From the nursery......and doing well.

A white babies breath plant again from the nursery. I cant wait till they get all fat and fluffy!

Last years Johny Jump Ups.......look how pretty they are coming out!

Strawberry plants are popping out leaves all over.

I already have a Sage flower!

Have a great night all!
p. hawkins


Ruralrose said...

I can see why you take pictures for a living - it surely is your artform - your garden is lovely - it surely will be your bliss - peace for all

Pamela said...

Hi sweetie,

I do love to take pictures.......these werent too good yesturday, but at least it is an update.

I shall get better ones this weekend. supposed to be lovely weather for 3-4 days. I plan to buy more plants to fill the rest of my dirt spots and play.

Have a great weekend!