Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a day...

Today has been a rather long one. Well to be honest it has been a long few weeks it seems. Put out this fire, or help this problem or FIX this one, or let them yell at you for this thing that you didn't even do, or take the heat for a small thing that turned into a big thing.

It all seemed to just fester. I hate festering. I hate it when a small thing that was manageable 2 weeks ago, is now a big fat sore! Oh that so sucks.

A little band aid a week ago was just not enough though. As hard as I tried to patch it, or figure it out, I couldn't. And you know? sometimes I just don't have all the answers. Oh how I wish I did. I surely do. But there are times, when I cant come up with a solution to save my soul.

Its like a cold. You get allergies now and then and you sniffle and get the runny nose and you blow and rub and you are still not sure if its a full blown cold or not. Do I take allergy medicine or do I grab for the NyQuil and try to KILL IT OFF, you say to yourself as you look in the mirror at a sad, forlorn, wreck of a face! You really don't know until you feel REALLY BAD. Of course by then, the remedy to catch it before it makes you feel like death warmed over is not an option. Oh hell no. You might as well face it. Your taking the Kleenex box to bed with you now baby.

Its like my picture here. Sometimes it is just a tangled mess of stuff. This thread is wound around this one and this vine clings to this. We don't always have control. So I say, give me a gallon size bottle of NyQuil so i can give everyone around me a dose of it so we can catch all this crap before it turns into a red nose! ~ p.hawkins


Ruralrose said...

Are you a Taurus? There is a new moon tonight, so a fresh start tomorrow. The week prior to a new moon reveals flaws in the system, or secrets from dark places. The week after the new moon is for creative solutions and fresh starts. Basic astrology if you follow that stuff - the money world isn't the real world - thinking of you, wishing i could come over for tea to cheer you up - peace for all

Pamela said...

Hi sweetie,

No I am a scorpio. Nov 1.

And I too wish you could come over for tea and cheer me up!

I have had a night to sleep on it and although today is a frenzy I am holding my own.
I have a pretty thick skin most times, but sometimes......not so much.