Sunday, April 12, 2009

My first real garden in 10 years.

Well as most of you know already, I have been spending more and more time in the dirt.
I so miss my garden.
I have realized, probably today really, that I have not had a real garden in 10 years. Between moving, and deaths and funerals and new jobs and Mom, I have had very little time to spare, and when I did, I didnt want to do anything fun really.

Last year I sorta eased my way back in......slowly.....getting to know my property and the little areas designated to growing things. These were areas my mom made or my sister and her husband had dug out and set.
After having a fair bit of fun last year with my herbs and NON-TOMATO tomato plants, I decided this year to continue and also to expand.
Oh I didnt know how much, but I knew I was ready again.

So here are my photos from 2 weeks ago, before I left on my trip. This coming week, on a sunny day, I shall get some updated shots for you to see.

Now remember, I garden by the seat of my pants so it is just a love of gardening,
not always the perfect way to garden! hahahh

This is my lavendar I planted last year. It is in a tin bucket and has started sprouting beautifuly.

This is a new patch I dug for my back yard Herb garden and veggies. Yes I want an herb garden in front AND in the back.

This is where Mom's sweet peas were last year. I got it all ready and have both seeds adn plants ready to go in. (they look pretty good now)
The red terracotta pot is 5 different types of Mint! Chocolate Mint, Pineapple Mint, spearmeant and a few others. It smells FAB.

This is a sampling of the herbs that wintered over well. Herbs I have had the pleasure of picking and using in my cooking since last summer. Parsley seems to thrive in the little spot I have it.
I am also amazed at the Celery!
And that has been lovely to pick and throw into a chicken soup pot!

In the back yard, the Mint, I think Spearmint, has come up between the boards on the porch. I love the smell of it.

My tin in the front still has oregano, chives, celery, sage and parsley. although all slowed in growth over the winter, they are sprouting like mad now. A few days of sun and they will do very nicely. I cant wait.

This is the whole front garden where I do the herbs and flowers. The rose garden is to the right. I want to add another row to the rose garden this year too.

My hens and chickens are getting ready to bloom big time. I am not sure what the little dots are on them.......anyone know?

The strawberry plants are just now coming alive too!

I am excited to let you all see this much, and then this week take shots of how it is all doing in two weeks.

So as I said, not the best looking garden, but it soothes my soul to be sure!

HAPPY EASTER to you all.......and many blessings!

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Ruralrose said...

Very nice, the shot of the little spearmint is my favorite - looks like the garden has missed you as much as you it - isn't nature grand, thanks for sharing, peace for all