Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some days you just cant please anybody

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Its one of those days that I wish I had not gotten out of bed. Most of my encounters today have been people who are unhappy with something I did or said.
So far, every single one of them have been complete misunderstandings. Things that were completely resolved the moment I emailed back or called.
Yet, the stabs don't just heal up instantaneously. They sting for a bit.

I will admit I am one of those people who will circle around through the parking lot to exit where there is a street light, instead of the exit 10 feet from my car with no light. It seems to be a fight for position or simply a lesson in how uncaring or unkind people can be when trying to get out into traffic, so I find the non-confrontational exit.
I like to believe everyone is a good person, but when in that situation, it sometimes doesn't always seem evident.

I don't like confrontation. I don't like to be thought of as an unkind person or someone who doesn't care, because that couldn't be farther from the truth, but when you are out in the world, seeing a lot of people and trying to make them ALL happy, there are bound to be people who feel they are experts at reading between the lines. And if I didn't put any words between the lines, then they are left to make them up. Inevitably, their words are not always mine and they are left to invent them.

So I shall try to let it all go and chalk it up to misunderstandings (which is exactly what they are) and try to put out the little flash fires as I can get to them. After all, its just that, misunderstandings.

Still it all feels a little prickly.

Have a great weekend all!


Nickie said...

LOL I'm wondering if you work where I work. It seems there is always some drama. When I first started I was like you, hated the thought that someone would be upset by something they precieved I did. After a while I realized that it was the paitinets running the asylem around here and just quit letting it bother me. Some people are just misserable and will jump on any chance to make others feels just as bad because that is how they percieve the world, that there is someone always trying to get them.

You can't please everyone so don't stress over it if you know you've done all you can. Take a deep breath, and move on with the day. They will get over it. :)

Ruralrose said...

The light and the darkness can not mix. Overshadow it may, but extinguish it will not. Being with people just plain wears me out. I sympathize full. Good advice from Nickie, eh? (that is my Canadian accent showing, lol) - tomorrow will be better, peace for all

flowrgirl1 said...

I'm the same way. Even if something has been resolved it still gets to me. I don't like having people think badly of me even if it is a misconception!

Pamela said...

Nickie: Well I work from home......I would never make it in an office! But regardless of where you work from, it can still get sticky when you deal with people from all over the country. Thanks...I am taking a deep breath!
And thanks for stopping by!

My darling Rose: I feel the same, as I try hard to make sure I treat people with kindness adn when something is misunderstood, it bothers me.

Flowrgirl1: Ditto! Thanks for stopping by!