Wednesday, May 06, 2009 the speed of sound

(even the Sage blossoms are not slowing down! But I am loving that zoom)

Time by minutes slips away, First the hour, then the day, Small the daily loss appears, Yet soon it amounts to years. ~ Ronald Tierney

Maybe what bothers me most is trying to remember where the day has gone when it flies by me at the speed of sound. I mean some days I can actually hear the noise as it zooms by my head. (well not really, yet it feels that way)
The day is completely uncaring to my thoughts and needs. No engine brake is heard, no slowing of the action and not a single alert that it is leaving in a hurry.

My only indication that the day has slipped away is when the end of it has arrived and I wondered how it got here so fast. Shortly there after it will leave, and with out so much as a good-bye.~ p.hawkins

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