Monday, May 04, 2009


If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page ~ Mark Houlahan

What if the plain memos and post-it notes you write every day told the story of you. Work notes, home notes or bulletins. What you did each day. How you articulated it. The manner in which you wrote it. Would they be written in soft handwriting style or bold print. Would you ad little smiley faces or dot your I’s with hearts? What type of paper is your surface of choice? Do you have a favorite pen? Yes all of these things, to me, effect the end composition regardless of the subject matter.

Would everyone come to expect your notes to be more like a novel or would you be short and quick and to the point. What do your notes say about you?

As you well know my notes fall into the novel category...I do believe if I had experienced years of schooling, with immense emphases on how to keep notes short and sweet and to the point, that even now, I would still NOT be able to stop myself from rambling on. ~ p.hawkins


Ruralrose said...

Excellent photo Pam, pansy are my tried and true friend in the garden and always make me smile when i see them. Your post was stimulating today as well. I am forever jotting notes on bits of paper. I-Ching readings, story ideas, random original thoughts I can't contain, and of course endless to-do lists. I often wonder if, after my death, people will go through my papers and be able to put the story of my life together. Hope you are well and happy, peace for all

Pamela said...

HI sweetie pie!
I took this pansy pic at a good friends house last summer. I loved it.
Hugs and peace to you as well!
thanks for the lovely notes back!