Monday, January 19, 2009

Babysteps through the door

How often it is, that seeing what is on the other side of that open door, is slightly skewed by the view on this side. Regardless of how pleasant it is or how horrifying, this side of the door is full of stuff that keeps us here.
Problems, material things, emotions, people, work, and even small things like habits. It can be very hard to make that first step through the door.
Sometimes we even fail to see the outstretched hand of a friend or family member, who is reaching through the door to GRAB you and help you babystep your way through......sometimes we feel we just cant reach that far.
Yes the distance can be as little as a breeze blowing between their fingers and yours, yet you feel it is a mile away and you cant reach it.

Baby steps are the vehicle, but FAITH is the fuel that will get you there.

It is my prayer today, that I keep babystepping through the door!

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