Sunday, January 11, 2009

The transformation has begun...

My sister nancy and me examining the damage!
Lots of water damage from an old roof that leaked for a longgggg time.
As you can see, Jak is trying his best to look like the boss!

Well, the new roof is on.........and my family has arrived from Colorado Springs to start the rebuilding process!


Carolyn gail said...

Hey Pamela, do you know how dangerous mold is ? I just watched a TV show about a family living in a million dollars house with a leaky roof and the insurance co. wouldn't pay to have it fixed so they left it. Several years later their son came down with severe asthma and the father had alzheimers. Mom got really sick but recovered. All from the most dangerous kind of mold. They had to move out of the house and sue the insurance co. for 6 million dollars. The jury didn't think that was enough for their pain and suffering and awarded them 30 million !

Pamela said...

WOW Holy cow!

Yes it is a problem here in the North Coast.
I am just terribly fortunate to have my sister and all her workers here to help me out.....they are ripping out ALL of it!
they are being super thorough!

It is a huge blessing!
ps. thanks for coming by.......I am emptying out two storage units..ANOTHER blessing!