Saturday, January 03, 2009

The "other" side of the room!

Now......this is the OTHER wall. It was actually a closet that I turned into another little office section. I made a table, piano hinged it to the wall, gave it a "1" leg support and it works quite well. The top shelf is all office supplies.
The rest of the stuff, the pink boxes and all the stacked stuff is all magazine things and projects! I had to just keep stacking stuff so I could keep moving onto the spring issue of the magazine.
So today will be getting these two walls done!

I have now perfected my 3 step process.
1. Sort
2. Clean
3. Toss out un-needed stuff and organized Saved stuff.

Not sure if that would be the professional organizers way....but it seems to be working. I however, will need more garbage bags! hahahahah
I shall show you an "after" shot shortly!


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