Monday, January 05, 2009

Side 2-AFTER

(now I am ready for my new editorial assistant to begin! Anne where are you?)

Ok you guys.......this is my assistant side of the room, behind me, after a day.
Also I have not had curtains in this room since I started working in here 5 years yesturday, I got some cutie little shabby chic sear sucker tiers and put them up! (me and the hammer had a fight, and i fell off the darn ladder, but all is good though!)


Imaginina said...

You did great! My office looks worse than yours did. Believe it or not, I have not cleaned out the Plaid stuff yet and I have not worked for them for two years. It is so bad, I cannot take before shots, hahaha!

Pamela said...


OH I have needed to do this for soo long. I have just set aside and set aside for over a year!

And after getting all this new photo equiptment, I had to clean before setting it all up. I had to.

BTW......your my first EVER comment on my blog!!!! thanks baby!

Love you!