Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby gardener firsties

Now I will be the first one to tell you, I am a baby gardener. A beginner. A fly by the seat of my pants player in the dirt.
So I am sure I shall not always play by the official gardening rules, but I do love to share!

Here is my first area......the sweet peas. Mom had my brother Bobbie put up this plastic white trellis up a long time ago. She planted her sweet peas here and the end result has been fantastic.

Last year I planted them.....first time I really dug in the dirt since she died. That was the catalyst to my new gardening life.


So below is some of last years blooms.......I hope to have it bigger and better this year!

So I shall be planting the new plants I cultivated and fed the soil last weekend.

Have a great day!


Ruralrose said...

would love to see the pictures of your peas - you have inspired me to grow my own this year have a packet waiting for the snow to go - peace

Pamela said...

You are SO SWEET!

I just now realized the pictures I posted did NOT go up? I shall post anohter tonight or tomarrow.

I shall put befores and afters. My whole day of gardening and planting yesturday was wonderful! Sweet peas are in the first bed, and maybe before my next travel trip wednesday, I will plant the front ones too!