Sunday, March 29, 2009

Camera Critters #51-Roxy gets her licks in...

Camera Critters

My dear friends in Kansas, Lynda and Lou, own this adorable baby.
Well BIG baby. Her name is Roxy.
She snuck in to get a few licks of her own!
(sorry, the shot is not great, but so cute!)


i beati said...

your own personal maid ?/Sandy

Noner said...

Thats one way to save on water.

I played at Ordinary Things

Pamela said...

Well, all she cared about was sneaking a sniff and a few licks! And we conveniently turned our heads for a short time and giggled at it while I ran for my camera!

Shari said...

i do that too. run to get my camera BEFORE i stop the goofy thing happening. LOL.

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