Sunday, March 08, 2009

A small window of sunshine...

Today was such a jumble of a day!
Of course, I DID NOT remember to turn my clock forward. No......and I even set my neighbors clock for her two days ago, the clock that sits up over her sink!
The rest of my morning was conveluted at best, but by 12:30 ish, it was time to rock and roll with magazine stuff.

I had a table setting to get to, that i have put off, mainly because I need a bit of a full table setting to really show these babies off!
And now I am RUNNING OUT OF TIME! hahah

So it was not raining. It was not sunny. But it also was not completely overcast. So I decided to pray for sunshine and I started gathering all the stuff needed. OH and I also got a box of great chipped and or cracked china pieces for props as well.

These are but a few of the little goodies I scarfed up yesturday as I took the afternoon to de-stress and hit not one, not two, but 5 thrift shops! Yes I was in "JUNKIN" heaven for sure.
I even got a bunch of shirts and clothes that I shall cut up and make fun shabby chic book bags out of .......(stay tuned for that fun afternoon....I shall give you all a pattern and instructions)

So I gather all my stuff to dash outside and set up a lovely white on white table setting, and yes I got a bunch of white basic plates yesturday too.

I get outside, and the sun was being quite cooperative for a short time, and then the wind kicked up and the clouds were conceiling my sunshine! So I had to keep shooting fast.
Here is my little dorky table set up. As you can see, over in the corner is a card board box where I was spray painting some metal filigree pieces I found too. If you look close on the table set up, there is a metal basket. It was black this morning, and a spray can changed that lickety split!

My Junkin companion yesturday was flabbergasted at the JUNK I was buying yesturday. I bought broken and chipped dishes, and lids without bottoms and vise versa, to her this was all just junk, but to me was the best cool stuff ever!

Here is my table set up........see the wind tring to ruin my day!

So out of that, came some pretty awsome shots, at least I was pretty happy with them. Here is one sneak peak. After all I cant show you all of them just yet.......not till the mag hits news stands! hahha

So all in all not too bad. Now I am trying to stay awake and finish all the shots I took and regroup.

Oh and in the crock pot is a Corn Beef Brisket! And I put it in about 5 pm today so by tomorrow morning my whole house will smell delightfully delishioso! Come on over!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend!


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