Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The worries ran out the hole in my toe.......

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I dont know how every raindrop can hold so much magic. I could hear the thunder, and the noise.......and as quickly as the booms came and went, my ears forgot it. Soon after, the rain began to hit the tin roof and the skylight. As quickly as it smacks the surface, the sound races to me, out of breath, as if it can not wait to sing its song in my ears, and my worries run out of the hole in my toe. ~ p. hawkins

So many of you have had WHITE RAIN of late, and I hope you get to see the SEE THRU stuff soon, as it signals the on-slought of spring.
I had a 1 hour window of sun yesturday, and I busted out of the house and ran and got the gloves and the garden tools and got on my knees and dug in the garden and trimmed all my herbs and pulled weeds.
The smell of the DIRT and the HERBS, well the smell invaded my senses in the most delightful way. It was so intoxicating I was drunk from it..........I just wanted to lay down in in the black dirt and nap! hahahah

Here's hoping you all get some DIRT DAYS soooooon!


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