Saturday, March 21, 2009

Camera Critters # 50 - LILY FOUND A FROG!

Camera Critters

We were picnicing in Letchworth State Park and Lily found this little critter by our cooler and the chase was on!

Miss Frog began her mad dash!

Lily was so funny!

She ALMOST got a nip in there!

Lily got to the end of her picnic leash! (yes her picnic leash is about 10 ft. long)

Miss Frog finally safe and under a little shelter far from Lily. She watched Lily for a long time.


Grammy said...

Lol, that is so funny.

Pamela said...

It cracked us up too. We were not sure if she was excited to see it or scared to death.
I think that is the only reason the froggy never got bit...she was a scardy cat.

Teena in Toronto said...

And the frog wins! Whoohoo!

I played too :)

Flo said...

And just in the nick of time Lily comes to the end of her leash and the frog hops to safety. How adorable and great photos!!!

Mine is up over at Feather, Fur and Fins.

Norm said...

looks so funny, I love the cute frog..

Corey~living and loving said...

that is just too cute! my sugar bear girl, would have been on the chase as well. :)

happy CC.

Pamela said...


I do so love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. I have lurked over at yours for a while.

I am not near as prolific with a camera as you, but I do love it.

And your Sugar Bear Girl is just a dream!

Thanks! Happy sunday

Carolina said...

I'm so glad the frog escaped. We have Lilies in our pond and frogs sit on them. This Lily probably wouldn't let that happen ;-)

Pamela said...

Lily was introduced to my brothers pond this past summer. She had no problem diving off the edge into the water to fetch her tennis ball.

I dare say, she would probably cause the best caos of all! But she is a scardy cat so I think the frogs would have the upper hand!

Thanks for visiting!

Misty Dawn said...

What a fun and cute post! Lily looks like she was having a blast. hehe

Pamela said...

Thanks Misty Dawn! She was having so much fun. So inquisitive and all babies in our life should be huh.