Thursday, March 19, 2009

He who allows his day to pass by without practicing generosity and enjoying life's pleasures is like a blacksmith's bellows: he breathes but does not live. ~ Proverb

This quote today took on three phases for me.

a. I do pray, with all my heart, that I practice some kind of generosity in everything I do each day.

b. I am just as bad as everyone else at not enjoying life's in this little room can get to be a safe haven or a tiny prison. Sometimes this little room holds the tiny pleasures of my life, yet most times it is on the other side of that window I gaze out of!

c.The back side of this quote is what affected me the most today though. It made my brain think in a slew of directions.

For instance, I think it is easy to breathe life into a thing, an idea or a thought. Have you thought about that?
I mean have you not had a conversation at some point in your life and said, "...well yes, that project or idea took on a life of its own". [add eyes rolling and sarcastic laughing here] I have said it. And I have said it more than once! (shoot I have said it a LOT)
Here is a question to ask yourself today..........Do you live with only saying that once or twice in your life? Or have you never said it?

I think its very safe to live without breathing life into something else. Hell its hard enough to think about how to just keep our own lungs pumping in and out with air and LIFE, much less breathing puffs of enthusiasm into something else.

Yet is it not those puffs that keep us reaching for more? Is it not those mental exhales that allow you to give to someone else?
Words mean things. (from the little book The Four Agreements. ) And I couldn't agree more. Even a tiny word of thanks, to the coffee lady served to breathe self confidence into her moment. Imagine what a whole conversation could do!

Every moment is a breath. Every breath is a thought. Every thought is a puff of life. Let your PUFFS take on a life of their own today! ~ p.hawkins

So what would you like to breathe life into?

(Yes I am back...the dorkalogical ramblings of a queen! hahahaha)


Julie Rivera Photography said...

That is a gorgeous, absolutely beautiful shot of the flower! I love the detail of the water droplets on the petals.

Pamela said...

Well, thank you so very much. I do believe your one of the best photographers I have ever seen, and to have you find one of my shots beautiful is very humbling indeed.

Thank you so much!


Robin said...

Today is my first (but most certainly NOT my last) visit to you blog, which I'm enjoying very much! I think this hope-fabric shopping story is my fave right now!

Thanks for your suggestion re my old/new bag. Great idea!

Robin A.