Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The end result

You know, the end result is never the product of only one road, but many. It is the culmination of what you gather from complicated and twisting interstates, dirty and dusty back roads, muddy paths, crowded city streets, and lonely avenues. Add to that the variables of whom and the composition changes. A bus load of your coworkers, a van load of your best friends or just you. Now add to that recipe the creative sparks of emotion that accompany every moment of every day, and it is clear to see, that every End Result was a great road to travel, you just have to get used to shaking your shoes to let the extra pebbles fall out when you take them off at night, because after all, they are just a reminder that you made it down that road. ~ p.hawkins

(hmmmm maybe I can make a potholder out of those pebbles? Hahaha What are you laughing at? What kind of so-called-pebbles have YOU used in the past to make a project out of ????? Us creative types are always trying to find a use for dryer lint you know.)

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